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Collection: Ball valves

Crucial devices for efficient control of the flow of liquids or gases in piping systems. Its wide use in industries such as chemicals, petrochemicals, food processing, agriculture and more is due to its proven ability to provide tight closure and precise flow control.

Featured Features:

  • Industrial Versatility: They are essential in various industries due to their ability to provide tight closure and precise flow control in piping systems.
  • ISO 5211 mounting: Compatible with this mounting standard, which facilitates its integration into existing systems and its adaptability to different configurations.
  • Activation Options: They allow manual activation or with pneumatic and electric actuators, providing versatility in their operation according to specific needs.
  • Variety of Bodies: Available in a wide range of high quality materials such as 304, 316, 316L Stainless Steel, Iron and PVC, ensuring resistance and durability in various industrial conditions.
  • Wide Range of Measurements: We offer measurements from 1/4" to 6", adapting to different systems and applications.

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